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Denny Zeitlin – The Name of This Terrain

This 2/LP gatefold vinyl will be available with: Now-Again Reserve: a deluxe vinyl subscription. in January 2022.

Now-Again Records is not the type of label to rely on hyperbole, yet they believe that this album is one of record collecting’s ultimate finds: The Name Of This Terrain, the missing entry in jazz pianist/composer/psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin’s discography, a wonderful and weird fusion of avant-classical, jazz, funk, rock and electronic music.

The Name of This Terrain was recorded and pressed in a scant, custom run as a demo in 1969 –and it so defied its own existence that, even after its producer died and his copies were discovered, Zeitlin steadfastly resisted its release for almost 20 years, destroying his remaining demos so not to posthumously suffer the same ignominy. Following his reappraisal, this album is issued with its creator’s blessing and guidance.

You will surely never hear an album like this again, by the musician the venerable jazz critic Leonard Feather called “ the most versatile young pianist to come to prominence in the early sixties,” and who took a left turn at the end of the decade, documenting a pivotal 20th century moment with passion, intellect, and humor in turn.

Bonus disc, available only to subscribers, contains Zeitlin recordings issued before and after The Name Of This Terrain, and an extensive booklet tells Zeitlin’s story, and that of this special “betwixt and between” album, a private issue finally ready for the public to engage.

• Download card for WAV files of all vinyl tracks, and bonus tracks when available.
• LP contains booklet with extensive liner notes detailing the history of the album.
• Vinyl and gatefold jackets made in North America with OBI strip and resealable bag; CDs made in North America as 6-panel eco-wallets
• Each of these albums are produced with the direct participation of their creators, all of whom saw their original albums’ releases disappear into the ether.