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Latest deliveries:

Madlib – Dirtknock Third single from the upcoming Sound Ancestors. Edited, Arranged and Mastered by Kieran Hebden
Wendell Harrison – An Evening With The Devil Recorded for Detroit based Tribe Records in 1972 was the saxophonists debut. This experimental jazz album is features legendary great players Marcus Belgrave and Phil Ranelin as well as poetry by The Black Messengers.
Madlib – Hopprock Second single from the upcoming Sound Ancestors. Edited, Arranged and Mastered by Kieran Hebden

Previous deliveries include:

Wendell Harrison & The Tribe – Farewell to the Welfare An original album that was completed in 1975 and never released. The title track is an underground hit: original 7-inches of the two-sided, buoyant jam go for upward of $500.
Lloyd Miller – Oriental Jazz Oriental Jazz was recorded, compiled and self-released in 1968 while Miller was studying at Brigham Young. The record, originally pressed in a quantity of 300 copies, sought to combine a cool, modal style with the exotic arrays of instruments and styles that Miller had picked up during his travels.
Madlib – Road of the Lonely Ones First single from the upcoming Sound Ancestors. Edited, Arranged and Mastered by Kieran Hebden
Admas – Sons of Ethiopia Sons of Ethiopia is a mostly instrumental album, rich with global influences. It is one of the few recordings to be produced outside Ethiopia in the early 1980s. It is a key document of the Washington DC exile scene. The core members of Admas – Tewodros ‘Teddy’ Aklilu, Henock Temesgen, and Abegasu Shiota – had previously played in a group called Gasha, one of the few local Ethiopian bands. Admas was born from Gasha, as an outlet for their more experimental instincts.(Frederiksberg Records)
Jahari Massamba Unit – Pardon My French Drums: Karriem Riggins. Instruments: Madlib. We would have called it Spiritual Jazz but Phil Ranelin told us to call it Black Classical Music.(Madlib Invazion)
Music Makers Band – You Can Be (Bonus Material) Bonus material from our latest subscription release. (Now-Again Records)


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