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Latest deliveries:
Whitefield Brothers – In The Raw Poets of Rhythm founding members first crucial piece of the funk spectrum recorded as The Whitefield Brothers. A wear-your heart-on-your-sleeve, hypnotic, defiantly psychedelic funk album that is as modern as it is grounded in the great musical traditions from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Featuring members of the Dap Tones and El Michels Affair.
Various – Those Shocking Shaking Days The full title is Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978. And as is probably obvious, it’s Now-Again’s attempt to present the untold story of Indonesia’s various underground 70s musical scenes.
Trish Toledo – Sin Control This is a song as redolent of late 1960s Italian Library experimentation (think Morricone/Alessandroni/Nicolai, et al.) as the Latino soul of the great Los Angeles Negros. Recorded at Hollywood’s Sound Factory and produced by Brenneck and Los Yesterdays’ Gabe Rowland, Trish sings in Spanish, delving into the timeless themes of lost love and endless longing. The b-side’s instrumental features the greatest whistler recording today, Molly Lewis. You really couldn’t imagine a better combination, and it’s as predictably great as a pancho-wearing stranger taking down all of the baddies in a border town and riding off towards a dusty sunset.”
Fabiano do Nascimento – Ykytu The Brasilian guitarist’s first album of solo guitar, in which he overdubs, effects and alters this 10, 7 and 6 strings in a manner equally meditative and exhilarating.”

Previous deliveries include:
Triorganico – Convivencia Brazilian flavored, minimalist Latin jazz a la Baden Powell and Hermeto; A newly recorded album steeped in tradition – perfect for those feeling saudades for bossa nova’s most vibrant era.”
Savoir-Flair – Savoir-Flair Eighties funk, mixed with smooth modern soul”
Sven Wunder – Natura Morta On Natura Morta, Sven Wunder explores art as a bridge between nature and the human perspective, synthesizing the approach of his past two albums as he delivers 11, bright, vibrant compositions. He also ups the ante, pairing a chamber orchestra with a jazz ensemble, in an album at once indebted to the best “Music Library” albums of the 1970s and a commentary on them, from the viewpoint of a young, talented music producer whose all-encompassing approach to music is as informed by his love of nature as of obscure and awesome old records.”
Sven Wunder – Wabi Sabi An album that, as Piano Piano writes, “celebrates the fleeting nature of all things. A journey. A deep inhale and a slow exhale. It has a mix of jazz (both funky and progressive), East Asian and South Asian sounds…. (It’s goal is to) reconnect with nature and concentrate on asymmetries and emphasize ornamentation to generate new ways of looking at the world, here and now.”
Various – Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas The heaviest, rarest, and best Fuzz-Psych-Funk 45’s from Brazil. Complied by Brazilian Vinyl Archaeologist Joel Stones.


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