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Rappcats Test Press Grab Bag

Test Presses From Now-Again, Madlib Invazion, Pay Jay releases – we’re cleaning out the Rappcats storage closet….

We recently came across a large amount of test press vinyl from the Now-Again, Madlib Invazion and Pay Jay (J Dilla Estate) catalogs and we’re blowing them out in a limited amount of grab bags. 

Test presses, as many who read this might know, are the first run of a record, a handful of white-labeled pressings given to the label, or artists, or mastering engineer, to ensure that a record is ready for commercial production.

Many vinyl afficionados prefer test presses to the commercial pressing of an album, as they are made early in the record’s run, from fresh stampers.

Here, we have a variety of records that Egon and his crew used to approve projects, from reissues on Now-Again to archival releases on the J Dilla Estate’s Pay Jay imprint to new music from the Madlib Invazion imprint. We’ve assembled a limited amount of grab bags and we’re offering them for sale online, on a first come first serve basis.

Each grab bag comes with three pieces of test press vinyl (could be a 12,” could be a 7″,  could be an LP). Look at it as a chance for discovery – one LP could be part of a 2LP set. If you like what you hear, you can go seek out the commercial run. We can’t promise you that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for, if you know what you’re looking for anyway, but you’ll get a one of a kind experience in each piece of vinyl.

We are assembling these on a case by case basis, each test press has been only played once or twice, and aim to make it something you’re happy with. However, there will be no guarantees of condition or any returns accepted.