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Sven Wunder ‎– Eastern Flowers

Eastern Flowers is now on its third pressing. It is the alternate title of Sven Wunder’s sought after debut Doğu Çiçekleri. His second album Wabi Sabi is also available on our site.

This is the first stop on Sven Wunder’s musical journey, around the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea, past the Levantine Sea, where he paints colorful, musical portraits, illustrating the regions flora through sound. The result? A vivid bouquet via which Wunder fuses hues and pigments, using traditional and modern instruments merged with arrangements and melodies that stretch from popular to folk music…. those are the Eastern Flowers, in a both modern and classic idiom, an album that stands between Anatolian rock and European jazz-funk with funky drums, wheezing organs and blipping synthesizers, an ever present Saz and rolling bass lines. Eastern Flowers sweeps through time and space and points towards the future. It could appeal both psych and prog listeners, folk or jazz aficionados and as well the hip-hop heads with an open mind.