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Stark Reality — Acting, Thinking, Feeling

Stark Reality — Acting, Thinking, Feeling

Acting, Thinking, Feeling: the Stark Reality’s complete works is out NOW on 6LP/3CD box set/digital.

This marks the first time that all of Stark Reality’s music will be available on vinyl and CD. Included will be the entirety of their AJP-issued album The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop, their out-of-print 1969 (first issued on this label in 2003), the two sides of their Big Yellow 7? single, the three part song “Acting, Thinking, Feeling” and a series of unreleased tracks discovered by Porter Records’ Luke Mosling – issued here for the first time!

Feast your ears on this band’s impossible to categorize, yet undeniable sound – restored and remastered from brand new master tape transfers! Both CD and LP box sets come with an extensive booklet with updated liner notes by Egon, including an entry focusing on legendary jazz pianist and AJP records owner Ahmad Jamal, and never before published photos.

LPs and 7 inch sold individually here: Roller Coaster Ride | The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop | Too Much Tendernes / Red Yellowbeams Pt.2

Roller Coaster Ride (NA5008)
A01. Pretty Music
A02. Nani
B01. Roller Coaster Ride
B02. Too Much Tenderness
C01. Red Yellow Moonbeams
D01. Sunday’s Song

The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop (NA5095)
A01. Junkman’s Song
A02. Thirty Days Hath September
A03. Cooking
B01. Dreams
B02. Grandfather Clock
C01. Shooting Stars
C02. Rocket Ship
C03. Bustin’ Out Of Doors
D01. Comrades
D02. All You Need To Make Music
E01. Merry Go Round
E02. The Whale
E03. The Old Prospector
E04. Traveling
F01. Clouds
F02. Swing High
F03. Blue Pillow

Acting, Thinking, Feeling (NA5096)
A01. On Being Black
A02. Red Yellow Moonbeams
A03. New World Generation
B01. Prelude To Say Brother
B02. Theme To Say Brother
B03. Acting, Thinking, Feeling

Too Much Tenderness / Red Yellow Moonbeams Part 2 (NA7007)
A01. Too Much Tenderness
B02. Red Yellow Moonbeams Pt. 2