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Soul Assassins: DJ Muggs – Dia Del Asesinato LP

The Rappcats Edition – Unique Cover. Limited to 400 numbered copies. 

Soul Assassins – Dia Del Asesinato – DJ Muggs feat. MF DOOM, Raekwon, Freddie Gibbs, Kool G Rap.


1. Santa Muerte
2. Day Of The Dead, feat. Kool G Rap
3. Assassination Day, feat. MF Doom & Kool G Rap
4. Yacht Party, feat. Raekwon
5. Black Snow Beach, feat. Raekwon & Meyhem Lauren
6. Blue Horseshoes, feat. Mach Hommy
7. Contagion Theory, feat. Mach Hommy
8. Wally Face, feat. Hus Kingpin
9. Duck Sauce, feat. Eto
10. Niggas is Pussy, feat. Meyhem Lauren
11. Death Wish, feat. MF Doom & Freddie Gibbs
12. Outro