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Rino De Filippi – Nel Mondo Del Lavoro

 Sonor Music Editions continues its reissue campaign around the lauded Italian library music label Sermi with an album considered at the top of the genre. 

Pre-order: Expected to ship March 2022. 

Considered by cognoscenti as masterpiece of the genre we commonly refer to as “library” music – ie. production music created for easy background synchronization in film and television, Nel Mondo Del Lavoro is one of the few, full statements by Italian maestro Rino De Filippi, and was originally used for the soundtrack of the Rai-TV documentary series SAPERE: IL PETROLIO.

Backed by the great I MARC 4 studio ensemble and accompained by Alessandro Alessandroni’s I Cantori Moderni, we find in Nel Mondo Del Lavoro breathless scats sitting atop  heady arrangements and and rhythms ranging from bossa to jazz to industrial.

John Henriksson (Piano Piano Records/Sven Wunder) was given the original photograph used for the vintage Sermi release and fully restored it.

Purchase one of the 800 copies Sonor Music Editions have pressed. 160gr. wax, packaged in a thick cardboard sleeve.

Label: Sonor Music Editions 78