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Psycho Les Grab Bag


Psycho Les Sample Source Grab Bag – vinyl from the collection of The Beatnuts producer.

Each bag contains five records. Packs are picked at random, condition not guaranteed. The only thing guaranteed is that if Les thought these were worth holding, you probably should too.

Rappcats returned with two pop up record shops Egon put together with his vintage finds from the past two years, with much of the albums coming from the collection of The Beatnuts’ producer Psycho Les.

We are offering the remaining stock as a five-album grab bag. Each grab bag contains at least one annotated record: some are simply noted with a Sharpie dot. Others are more colorfully adorned.
Each annotated record comes with a slip denoting the provenance of the album and that it was sold at Rappcats.

As Egon wrote: “Les, along with Juju and Vic, made some of my absolute favorite beats in the early days of deep digging and obscure sample sources, and spending some time needle dropping the cuts that Les anticipated sampling, but never did, was a trip. If you’re like me and many others who were paying attention in the 1990s, you found out about quite a few records because of the Beatnuts’ deep and eclectic tastes. Irreverent does not do justice to describe how many great moments Les and his compatriots discovered.”