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Power to the People!

Power to the People! Is a survey of Zimbabwe’s 70s Revolutionary Rock Scene and draws on output from some of the archetypal bands from the scene, including Wells Fargo, Eye Q and Gypsy Caravan. The music ranges from hard rock to James Brown inspired funk and electrified Zimbabwean folkloric music. This officially sanctioned release follows the Now-Again issue of Wells Fargo’s Watch Out! in conjunction with Vinyl Me Please. This is a digital only release; a preamble to an overarching anthology that Now-Again is currently preparing.

01. I Am Selfish
Eye Q
02. Watch Out
Wells Fargo
03. Power To The People
Stars Of Liberty
04. Making Life Out Of Music
Eye Q
05. Coming Home
Wells Fargo
06. Africa Sounds
Magna Carta
07. Chistiuiti
Gypsy Caravan