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Carlo Vinci, Jr. – Piper Of Dreams

If you missed Egon’s pop up record shop, you can still indulge in the find of the weekend – a sealed, original copy of Carlo Vinci’s private-press, deep jazz album via our friends at Frederiksberg Records.

Sold AS-IS –  no returns or refunds. We’ve opened a few copies and they’ve been flat and played well but we make no guarantees.

From Carlo’s original liner notes –

Come Experience with me a dream; a reality; a search for a better way, a greater understanding of who we are and what we are made of. Smile with the STAREYED SPHINX as he smiles with you. Know the power of the COSMIC DRAGON SLAYER. Soar and float on the BLUE SNOWFLAKE as common as the unicorn and as real as the sun. Laugh, clap, and party with me in LIT PIPES. Dream what the PIPER OF DREAMS dreams; then you will know that he is as much a part of you as you are of him.

The music of Carlo Vinci Jr. exists outside of the common sphere of musical classifications. Independent of space or time, it generates a subtle electricity in the mind of the listener. PIPER OF DREAMS, his first album, is more than a showcase for his multi-instrumental talents. This album has been the focal point of influences which range from classical to jazz, from primitive to progressive. The result is music that is at once sophisticated and elemental In this album, Carlo brings together technical excellence and creative diversity, producing an innate message that is felt on a level deeper than concious thought. PIPER OF DREAMS is a celebration.

Side One:


I At the Village
II Dragonsland
III The Fight
IV Dragon’s Defeat
V Telling the Story: Piper of Dreams I

Side Two:

Lit Pipes
Blue Snowflake
Stareyed Sphinx
Piper of Dreams II