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Mexican Film Lobby Posters (Groove Merchant & Rappcats Ephemera Grab Bag)

7 posters per bag, from the Groove Merchant & Rappcats Ephemera shop held in our LA space on 12/11/2021.

The Groove Merchant’s “Cool” Chris Veltri knows what to buy in bulk when he sees it, and when he was offered a trove of Mexican film lobby posters, the types of posters you would see in a Mexican movie theater in the 1960s and 1970s, he bought them all.

These are all vintage, original posters, each measuring approximately 16 x 12 inches.

We cannot guarantee exactly what shape these will be in, but they are in good to great shape, with no major tears or folds. These will come in an assortment of 7 per grab bag and we will endeavor to pull as many great ones per grab bag as possible.

No returns. Great gifts!