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Mark III – Marvin Whoremonger

This 1/LP gatefold vinyl is available with:
Now-Again Reserve: a deluxe vinyl subscription.

Originally released in 1976, Marvin Whoremonger is a concept-piece funk album produced by Cholly Williams, with vocalist backed by a trio of Las Vegas high school kids, and embellished by session musicians in Hollywood. Forty years later it stands as an immediately accessible, yet bizarre, exercise in late-period, real funk music.

• Packaged in a hand-made, extra-thick “tip on” gate fold jacket, with obi strip and resealable polybag
• Download card for WAV files of the album
• Includes a CD version of the album, packaged as a “mini-LP” inside a cardboard O-card encasing a perfect-bound booklet.
• Booklet with extensive liner notes detailing the history of the album
• Remastered by Elysian Masters head engineer Dave Cooley in Los Angeles, delicately lacquered by Electric Mastering in London and perfectly pressed by Quality Record Productions in Salina, Kansas.
• Includes a hand done silk-screened album insert by Hit & Run.
• Produced with the direct participation of their creators.