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Madlib – Sound Ancestors (Glow in the dark cover, green vinyl)

Music by Madlib. Edited, arranged and mastered by Kieran Hebden. About the album: Madlib – Sound Ancestors

This is a unique Sound Directions cover by Mason London, using the same soundwave-generated artwork as on the original. The cover’s imagery and text glows in the dark. The vinyl is translucent green. We wanted to make it glow in the dark too, but we found out that glow in the dark vinyl sounds horrible, so we opted for the next best thing. Limited quantity, will not be repressed.

1. There Is No Time (Prelude)
2. The Call
3. Theme De Crabtree
4. Road Of The Lonely Ones
5. Loose Goose
6. Dirtknock
7. Hopprock
8. Riddim Chant
9. Sound Ancestors
10. One For Quartabê/Right Now
11. Hang Out (Phone Off)
12. Two for 2 -For Dilla
13. Latino Negro
14. The New Normal
15. Chino
16. Duumbiyay