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Madlib Medicine Show: The Brick CD

The complete Madlib Medicine Show series #1-13. Thirteen CDs, in glossy 4-panel folders. The series was divided between original works and mixtapes, with a final edition of remixes. Shipping weight: 2.0 LBS.

Also see The Brick on Vinyl

In the collection:
1 – Madlib Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict. Hip-hop Album feat. Guilty Simpson. Full-length, 17-tracks, combining new material and remixes.
2 – Madlib Medicine Show #2: Flight to Brazil. Mixtape. 80-minutes of Brazilian psyche, folk and jazz.
3 – Madlib Medicine Show #3: Beat Konducta in Africa. Hip-hop Album. Inspired by and based on African records of the early 1970s – obscure & independent vinyl gems from afro-beat, funk, psych-rock, garage-rock & soul movements from Africa.
4 – Madlib Medicine Show #4: 420 Chalice All-Stars. Mixtape. All Jamaican sounds, 80 minutes. Complete with Los Angeles medicinal marijuana guide.
5 – Madlib Medicine Show #5: History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000. Hip-Hop Album. Madlib’s early years, 1990-2000, from beat cassettes produced for local rap crew Crate Digga’s Palace.
6 – Madlib Medicine Show #6: The Brain Wreck Show. Mixtape. Psych-prog-avante-freak-out-funk rock mix CD.
7 – Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz. Jazz Album. All new Madlib productions from his collective of jazz groups and musicians known as Yesterdays Universe.
8 – Madlib Medicine Show #8: Advanced Jazz. Mixtape. A jazz music course with no grades, lecturer or tests – just a room of dusty jazz vinyl and Madlib at the turntable.
9 – Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville. Hip-Hop Album feat. Frank Nitt. Loosely-based concept album around an obscure TV show, Nittyville, running on Channel 85. Full-length, 14 tracks.
10 – Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul. Mixtape. The Disco era, 80 mins, mixed by Madlib.
11 – Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi. Hip-Hop Album. Dirty Demos produced by Madlib, with The Professionals (Madlib+Oh No), MED, Strong Arm Steady, AG, Guilty Simpson, J. Rocc, Supreme Team (Madlib+Karriem Riggins), and Jaylib.
12 – Madlib Medicine Show #12: Raw Medicine. Hip-Hop Remixes. Part mixtape, part beat tape, featuring a host of un-suspecting collaborators that run the gamut from thugs, street poets, star emcees and underdogs. The show runs 60 minute with 30+ tracks.
13 – Madlib Medicine Show #13: Black Tape. Hip-Hop Remixes. The previously-unannounced encore to the Medicine Show series, and continuation of number 12. 60 minutes, 35 tracks.