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Just Blaze Grab Bag

11:30AM Pacific – SOLD OUT. Jump on our newsletter and stay tuned for Drop #2.

When our friend Just Blaze last moved, he hit up Egon to ask him if he wanted to take some of his record overflow. How do you say no to that? Just Blaze is one of the most important sampling hip hop producers of all time and he has sifted through hundreds of thousands of albums to find the black gold that he’s turned to rap platinum. Now’s your chance, copping a sample pack that you can peruse, needle drop, or just enjoy all of the way through.

EACH BAG IS FOUR ALBUMS EACH. Packs are picked at random, condition not guaranteed. The only thing guaranteed is that if Just Blaze thought these were worth holding, you probably should too. Each pack comes with a Rappcats sale slip noting that these records came from Just’s crates.