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Jason Jagel – Seventy-Three Funshine

Seventy-Three Funshine is a hardcover, monograph slash artist book by Jason Jägel, and includes a 10-inch vinyl record with exclusive tracks produced by Madlib. To be more specific, it includes tracks from three of Madlib’s many fictional jazz groups. The fictional worlds of Jägel and Madlib mirror each other in their deep dive down their respective rabbit holes.

To commemorate the sale of the final 120 copies of Seventy-Three Funshine’s first edition, Jägel traveled down to Rappcats HQ and spent three days embellishing each with a full-page drawing. No two drawings are alike – some examples are shown below. These collector-edition copies are identified by the “11-21” date included in the drawing.

It makes perfect sense to partner with Madlib, Egon and Jeff Jank’s Rappcats to release these final copies of his book. Each of these rappcats have in their own way fueled Jägel’s exploration of creative freedom through music, records and storytelling.