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Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesha

A: “Yegle Nesha”
B: “Hailu”

Ethiopian jazz/funk legend Hailu Mergia’s “Musical Silt” was one of the pinnacles of 70s Ethiopian music, a cornerstone in the Ethiopiques series and was recently reissued on its original album by Awesome Tapes From Africa. But it’s creator hasn’t released new music in thirty years – until now. This, his first set of new recordings in three decades, find that he hasn’t missed a beat since leaving the recording sphere. The pair of he and Philophon’s Max Whitefield (drums/producer) couldn’t be better and this 45 reflects Philophon’s overarching philosophy: to put on vinyl something precious that it makes you forget time and space and leaves you alone with the only thing that matters: awesome music.

Philophon 005: Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids
Philophon 004: Hailu Mergia
Philophon 003: Roy X
Philophon 001: Guy One

01. Yegle Nesh
Hailu Mergia
02. Hailu
Hailu Mergia