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Greg Foat with Aleksi Heinola and Teemu Åkerblom – Gone To The Cats

This album is what it would sound like if Jan Hammer joined Placebo. If that description means something to you, don’t read any further, and just buy, now.

And, of course, if the above doesn’t mean anything to you, and you’re still reading, then we can tell you that this LP features renowned UK pianist Greg Foat gigging in minimal mode, with a Finnish rhythm section consisting of Jazzaggression’s Aleksi Heinola on drums and Teemu Åkerblom on bass.

These three got together in a small cabin in a snowy, pre-Covid Norwegian winter with what appears to be, at least based on the photos on the album’s insert, quite a lot of beer. We at Rappcats prefer wine, generally, but if beer and cats makes an album like this possible, we’ll take it. What cats have to do with this album is a mystery to us, but it’s cool – we like the cover, we like the titles, and we like these atmospheric jams, especially Greg’ solos and harmonics on Moog, Fender Rhodes and the Roland JX-8P synthesizer.

The album comes with that aforementioned double-sided colour insert and a digital download card. Mostly, though, it comes with musical acumen and curiosity. It’s one of our favorite instrumental albums to be released this year.