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Bernard Purdie Collection Grab Bag Sale

Bernard Purdie’s Record Collection: the last surviving LP’s from the collection from the legendary drummer.


BAG 1 – SOLD OUT. This set of two LPs will include at least one of the landmark records Bernard played on – sometimes credited, sometimes not. Each set will come with a three page note, signed by Bernard, that explains his history as a session musician and notes some of the key albums he propelled, and key musicians he played with.

These sets are fulfilled randomly, so you might get an Aretha Franklin record, you might get Jothan Callins’ spiritual jazz masterpiece, with an inscription to Bernard on the back cover, you might get the copy of Aja that he got from the label upon release and listened to many times, you might get a sealed album he got from his friend Galt MacDermot.

BAG 2 – SOLD OUT. This set of two LPs will include at least one key albums that Bernard played on, or collected and referenced. These might include notes or other inscriptions by or to Bernard.

BAG 3 – SOLD OUT. This set of two LPs albums is a random selection of music that Bernard found interesting. He might have played on some of the albums. They might not be the rarest records – indeed, many of these albums are not rare – but they are all from his collection and were listened to by the man who helped create and then define the rhythms that now dominate popular music.

These sets are available on a first come first serve basis and purchase is on a one-by-one basis. Purchase as many as you’d like. Shipping for your total will be collated upon check out.

These are records that Bernard listened to and admired, and some are well worn from repeated plays over a span of decades. And these are the last records he kept, that he’s now offering to a new home, with a deep provenance and an undeniable influence. Every album comes with a note saying that it came from Bernard’s collection.

We cannot guarantee condition and sales are final and not refundable. We can’t promise you that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for, but you’ll get a part of record collecting history with real provenance. We offer media mail and priority shipping in the USA and priority shipping internationally.

We are assembling these on a case by case basis and aim to make it something you’ll be happy with. However, there will be no guarantees of condition.