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Polaroids with Lodown

Jeff Jank — June 6, 2013 | Comments (0)

One of our favorite publications, Lodown Magazine, has released a free iPad version of the magazine. One of their new features collects a bunch of polaroids I made in the 1990s-early 00s. Here’s a couple of them. Check out the rest via

MADLIB, LOS ANGELES, 2001. This is on the back patio of the house Stones Throw had just moved into where Madlib set up studio in a 50s-era bomb shelter. He sidestepped hip-hop for most the year to work on his Yesterdays New Quintet project.

FOOTSIES, LOS ANGELES, 2000. I used to go in this dive bar where a couple dusty old men sat watching TV, where the 80-year old bartender/owner acted like he’d rather I leave than get up and sell me a beer. Eventually I made friends with the guy when I put this photo on the back of an album cover and thanked “Footsies” in the liner notes. He died soon after, and the bar was refashioned into a place where people hang out and try to look cool. Like countless other amateur photographers, I got a digital camera around this time, inadvertently putting an end to my Polaroid film purchases. But where have the past 10 years of digital photos gone? Probably lost or deleted on hard drives of the past.


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