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DJ Muggs x Eto – Hell’s Roof – Rappcats Exclusive

Rappcats — February 18, 2019 | Comments (0)


Unique cover, Rappcats exclusive limited to 150 copies.

Hip-hop producer and founding member of Cypress Hill, DJ Muggs, has announced the details for his new collaborative album with Rochester spitter Eto, entitled Hell’s Roof on Soul Assassins Records.

“I had just finished the KAOS album and wanted to work with someone new, and relatively unknown. I was talking to Meyhem Lauren one day and asked him if he knew any dope MCs. And he said he knows this kid from Rochester, New York named Eto and he’s dope. So I sent him a track for the Dia Del Asesinato album and he destroyed it,” remembers DJ Muggs. “After that we started doing a new song here and there. I asked Eto if he had an idea for an album title and he said ‘Hell’s Roof’, which is a name they call his home turf. When he said it I immediately knew.”

“‘Hell’s Roof’ is a name we call Rochester, because it’s our stomping ground, and the dark sound that Muggs provides is the perfect backdrop,” says Eto.

Hell’s Roof is a 12-song album that uses haunting samples, dense drums, and introspective rhymes to paint a dark story about life in a city that ranks among the poorest in the country. According to a census poll, 33% of Rochester’s residents currently live in poverty and a staggering 50% of children live below the poverty line, putting Rochester in the Top 10 poorest cities in the USA. With poverty reaching epidemic levels, residents turn to life on the streets as a solution, the same space where Eto has honed his skills. The collision of the legendary West Coast producer and the young roughneck spitter creates a powerful sound on HELL’S ROOF.

The album follows the recent releases of Cypress Hill’s Elephants on Acid album produced entirely by DJ Muggs, his collaborative effort KAOS with Brooklyn’s finest, Roc Marciano, and DJ Muggs’ acclaimed solo LP Dia Del Asesinato.


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