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Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 2

Madlib, Mind Fusion — May 5, 2009 | Comments (9)

Mind Fusion Vol. 2: Jazz, Funk, Soul. Track list below. The series: Madlib Mind Fusion

Track 1

0:00 – Nat Adderley “Song of the Valdez Diamond” from Double Exposure (Prestige, 1975)
0:30 – Brian Auger “Beginning Again” from Straight Ahead (RCA Victor, 1974)
2:51 – Johnny Hammond “Back To The Projects” from Gambler’s Life (Salvation Records, 1974)
5:31 – Cesar Mariano and Cia “Metropole” from S


  1. Track 3
    5:27 – Stefano Torossi – Fearing Much (Feelings)

    Comment by dd — May 21, 2009, 11:50 pm
  2. The only songs i want to know are the 2 “unknown” pieces from Track 1 at 7:25 and 11:45!!I’ve had these albums since they came out and still have had NO luck finding out what these 2 songs are and or the name of the artists who made them!!!I just want to listen to them i am not a biter nor am a dj just curious so i can LISTEN to the whole songs!!!pleeease help with these 2!

    Comment by D'znuhts — June 3, 2009, 7:17 pm
  3. *sigh* my last comment was deleted. Just wanted to pop in and say that this is pretty much all taken from the list we’ve been making over at the-breaks and If you’re going to just post other peoples’ lists, you may as well get them right:

    Track 1
    7:25 – Human Egg – Love Like This (Human Egg)

    Track 3

    Comment by aka — September 26, 2009, 11:38 pm
  4. A song is missing from Track 1.

    5:23-5:33 – Calvin Keys “Shawn-Neeq” from Shawn-Neeq (Black Jazz Records, 1971)

    It’s played very briefly, but it’s a terrific, mellow track that’s well worth including in the tracklist.

    Comment by Mr. Attention — November 8, 2009, 11:21 am
  5. im blurred by all thiz mikzed cdz. great.
    see you from earth.

    Comment by BLOWMBEATZ — January 13, 2010, 6:32 am
  6. wow thank you very much!!! been searching for that Johnny Hammond Tracks for years

    Comment by Can — May 4, 2011, 7:20 am
  7. @Mr. Attention YO! Thanks for that one! Been chasing that little gem for quite some time now! Finally got it! One down and a bunch more to go. An other reason Madlib is one of the greatest. He def played a big part in my delving into the abyss of music. Like a brick tied to my feet.


    Comment by noer — February 3, 2013, 3:30 pm
  8. Wow, Madlib is a genius! I wish i could personally thank him for this collection of GEMS. This album has inspired me to search deeper into the realm of jazz/funk/soul.

    Comment by Jack Press — February 28, 2013, 12:49 pm
  9. […] that calming/relaxing listening experience. I hadn’t heard of this group before listening to Madlib’s Mind Fusion Volume 2 which I’d highly recommend finding if you can. I know by now it sounds like I get way too […]

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