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Hoe Cakes: EXTRA DOOM. Jagel Jagel x MF DOOM

MF DOOM — June 25, 2015 | Comments (4)


Signed and numbered edition of 40: archival pigment prints of Hoe Cakes. Each piece has hand-painted elements along the top, bottom and side of the print, including an ‘extra doom’ character placed at the bottom. The print measures a generous 14.75″ x 12.75″ and is printed at Gallery 16 in San Francisco on luxurious 100% cotton rag with the brightest colors possible.

Here’s a video clip of all 40 prints.

This edition of 40 was made for the “Doomsday Show” at Rappcats, June 2015. 28 were sold on location at the show. The original Hoe Cakes print (without the extra painting) was an edition of 180. They are now sold out.


  1. possible to purchase on line 1 of the 12 hand painted doom left ?

    Comment by Sammy — June 26, 2015, 8:52 pm
  2. surprised you can still get one of these…

    Comment by Dirty Cyclist — July 2, 2015, 9:17 pm
  3. What’s the price? I can’t add it to the cart

    Comment by Pedro — February 15, 2016, 1:21 pm
  4. Pedro, we sold out a while back, not long after they were first posted.

    Comment by Rappcats — February 15, 2016, 5:43 pm

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