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Guilty Simpson – Stress (produced by J Dilla)

J Dilla — May 18, 2009 | Comments (28)

“Stress” – a track from Guilty Simpson’s unfinished album with J Dilla.

“I recorded quite a few track a few tracks with Dilla when he was alive and quite a few cuts that have yet to be found since his passing that I would have loved to put out, but they’ve yet to be found.” – Guilty Simpson

Man’s World (released on white label 12-inch)
Clap Ya Hands (released on Stones Throw’s Chrome Children LP)
Make It Fast (released on Stones Throw’s B-Ball Zombie War LP)
I Must Love You (released on Guilty’s Ode to the Ghetto LP)
Stress (white label 12-inch)
Baby (released on J Dilla’s The Shining LP)
Take Notice (released on J Dilla’s Ruff Draft LP re-issue)
Life Goes By (released on Madlib’s Madlib Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict LP)


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  2. NICE!!!!!!!!!! SCOOT YA SEATS UP!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by B.GOINS — May 18, 2009, 4:07 pm
  3. […] Last track off Guilty’s unfinished album with Dilla, circa 2005 Via Rappcats […]

    Pingback by Raw Drive-The Vice President of Soul — May 18, 2009, 5:06 pm
  4. Nice track hommie

    Comment by fd3913 — May 18, 2009, 5:10 pm
  5. All the lonely people!
    Man what a legend
    Big up bro

    Comment by Dizz1 — May 18, 2009, 5:51 pm
  6. Once again Dilla Dog proves it again I don’t care what anybody says. This is my top 10 Hip Hop Producers of all time. Get mad all you want it’s all good with me.

    1)J-Dilla (Even before he passed aways he was King)
    2)DJ Premier (Yes he could easily be up at the #1 spot too I know calm down)
    3)Pete Rock
    4)Dr. Dre
    5)The Rza
    9)Marley Marl
    10)Organized Noize or Large Professor Pick One

    Comment by theslickest1 — May 18, 2009, 6:05 pm
  7. @theslickest1:

    #4-10 need some serious reorganization

    Comment by samurai1200 — May 18, 2009, 8:11 pm
  8. @theslickest1
    you totally forgot about black milk, I mean if you put dilla on #1… how can you forget black milk, you can easily listen dillas influence.

    Comment by gheedorah — May 19, 2009, 7:00 am
  9. […] Off Guilty Simpson & J Dilla’s unfinished album from 2004/2005 “Stress” 12″ available now @ [via:rappcats] […]

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  11. “My original post was too short, please go back and try again.”

    Short n’ sweet:


    Comment by Dj Ducats — May 20, 2009, 3:48 pm
  12. i swear i heard this beat else where, anyone got any answers?

    Comment by Gram — May 20, 2009, 5:51 pm
  13. Beat appeared on ‘Dils beat shop’ mp3 posted on this website a while back.
    It’s some electronic version of the Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby’

    Comment by work — May 21, 2009, 8:23 am
  14. What about Cut Chemist or Shadow?

    Comment by DC — May 21, 2009, 1:23 pm
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  16. if you hear the original beat in one of dilla’s beat cd, it sounds different with the break and the way dilla crafted it, it sounds as tho guilty recorded he’s verse on it after dilla’s passing. It’s one thing to create and album or a 12-inch in memory of a legend and its another to milk as much cream from his past. What else more “remixed” songs from dilla’s beat cds ?

    Comment by spax — May 30, 2009, 6:31 am
  17. if you know a sample, keep it to yourself. madlib n dilla’s the illest

    Comment by mr. bagginz — May 31, 2009, 9:54 am
  18. […] LOL, just download this track where it was launched: Rappcats Guilty Simpson – Stress (produced by J Dilla) includes all the info about when it was recorded and why it wasnt on an […]

  19. Such A Dope Track.. Ima Copp the 12″

    Comment by D. Dee blacc — June 3, 2009, 10:53 am
  20. Top producers.

    1.Jay Dee

    Ok producers.


    Comment by Equal — June 4, 2009, 4:41 am
  21. anybody notice this is a “lonely people” beetles interpolation? all you vinyl kats couldn’t’ve missed that. what’s with the sample secrecy? is it some rule for purist producers and authentic deejays? i’m not hip, obviously.

    Comment by mogi — June 12, 2009, 9:26 am
  22. hello!! i would like to know if you can help me!! i surch the original sample of the sound “make it fast” of dj Dilla, i love his music very very much and i don’t find what i want! help me help me pleeeaaaase!!! thank’s a lot!

    Comment by maryne — October 26, 2009, 11:22 am
  23. hard to list top 10’s on producers cause everyday i hear stuff i never heard from all of them. man (theslickest1) you didn’t even have 9th wonder on your list that’s gotta be a mistake. How come Oh No, Jake one, Nicolay, and Krysis gets no love lol?

    Comment by the dude — November 22, 2009, 9:57 am
  24. Oh and could you get that Spacek- Eve remix posted here that joint is fire…

    Comment by the dude — November 22, 2009, 10:01 am
  25. the sample is wendy carlos’ cover of eleanor rigby

    Comment by soul marauder — December 1, 2009, 6:38 am
  26. […] conversation here will be new to readers. Rappcats posted “Stress” last week — visit their blog to pick it up, and check out all the other stuff they’re offering over there, particularly the much-needed […]

  27. J.Dilla forever!!!

    Comment by cassio — July 23, 2010, 11:40 am
  28. Please, someone who write the LYRICS to translate them to spanish.

    Comment by Vraille — October 7, 2012, 2:31 pm

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