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Gangster Doodles: Gangster Music Vol. 2

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2/LP, Gatefold Sleeve, Rappcats sticker sheet. We will host a live event at Rappcats with Marlon Sassy / Gangster Doodles in October – details TBA

An exhausting compiling process via emails, DMs, texts and a myriad of other electronic form of badgering and prodding, the last few years have been busy for Marlon “Gangster Doodles” Sassy. In addition to this he released his Gangster Doodles (The Book) alongside an ever-expanding array of prints, original works, apparel and exhibitions across the globe. Topping that off with animation projects, a graphic novel in the works and now, with this his second curated LP titled Gang$ter Music Vol 2.

Describing the cover art “Every morning I start my day with a bowl (or 2) of Fruit Loops. Usually on the back of the box they have different activities to do. On one of them was a black and white image of Toucan Sam chilling in a tree. In large colorful font, it said you could cut out the image and color it in to create your own version. That idea really resonated with me. Continuing the cartoon cat theme from Gangster Music Vol. 1, I chose Felix the Cat to help encapsulate this idea and then flip it on its head. A black and white album cover that could be left as is or if the mood strikes- go and grab some markers, pens, crayons, paint, ink and create your own unique doodle versions”

“After a year and a half of covid hell I’m thrilled to be able to release this new music compilation. Fuck the bubble. It’s time to get weird.”

TRACK LIST | Gatefold –


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