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Gangster Doodles – hardcover book

Gangster Doodles — July 21, 2017 | Comments (0)

Rappcats is proud to present the full-sized, hardcover, thick-as-a-brick Gangster Doodles book.


“All doodles are made on 3X3 Post-Its. Holla.”

This is how the artist known as Gangster Doodles describes his mission, but he has said nothing much about himself. He’s also AKA “Marlon Sassy,” but that too sounds like a pseudonym. What’s he trying to hide? Could it be the fact that he spends hours a day at an office job, using the company’s 3X3 Post-It notepads, silently drawing gangster rappers, hip-hop high-life, and cataloging our dubious pop culture history, all on the clock?

That’s just a guess. What we do know is the book looks fantastic. This is hardcover, 7×7 inches, 336 pages, printed in 9 colors, with 24 foil inserts. There’s a Forward by Jeff Jank, and Introduction by Shia LaBeouf.

We also have a Quasimoto x Gangster Doodles T-shirt in WHITE and BLACK

Pitchfork: Shia LaBeouf Pens Introduction for New Gangster Doodles Book


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