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The Doug Hammond Collection: Three sealed albums from storage in Detroit

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Stephan Kurmann Strings-Strings (1988)
Doug Hammond-We People (1989)
Muneer A.F & The Rhythm String Band Vol. III-For Them (1989)

This grab bag contains three sealed albums from Spiritual Jazz drummer, composer, and Idibib label owner Doug Hammond, whose Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen album on Tribe Records is regarded as one of the pinnacles of 1970s jazz. These are the last known sealed copies, all pulled from Doug Hammond’s Detroit basement.

These albums were destined for Egon’s delayed pop-up shop at Rappcats, March 21-22, so we’re offering a set of all three online, on a first come first serve basis. These albums, while sealed, and assumed to be in NM condition, are sold as is. There are no returns. The styles range from the modal jazz to minimalist percussion to Spiritual Jazz. We People features Tribe Records’ co-founder Wendell Harrison.

We purchase these albums directly from Doug Hammond who, like many musicians, is unable to tour now.

Hammond wrote: “LPs have to be part of my income these days. I made LPs (on Idibib Records) to get playing jobs and sell on tour when I realized such would be the only way I could work my bands. All tour managers were hooked up with a known name or rising-star from a record label. My daughter was born so I had to manufacture work somehow. Making LPs and books and playing drums were my bread and butter until “disco beat” came and R&B was put on the back shelf. This crisis halts much but I will use the time to prepare for the solo recording. I think to go in the studio for better clarity and quality because it should get me more and better live solo concerts.”


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