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DJ Shadow 3rd annual storage sale – Sept. 15 & 16

Rappcats — August 28, 2018 | Comments (0)

Rappcats and DJ Shadow present:
The 3rd Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale

Rappcats – 5636 York Blvd, Los Angeles – September 15-16, 2018, Noon to 6PM.

The biggest and best yet!

-Thousands of used vinyl LPs, 45s, and 12″s culled from Shadow’s private collection
-An EXCLUSIVE and limited DJ Shadow 7″, prepared especially for this sale
-Deleted DJ Shadow web-store product, including limited items and rarities
-A collector’s smorgasbord of CDs, cassettes, posters, and other oddities
-Strong coffee and strong conversation
-Grip-free pricing
-Unique stock on both days

They say the third time’s the charm, and that’s certainly true in this case…Shadow promises a KILLER selection of collectable vinyl, tapes and CDs with an emphasis on sealed and mint condition items. “I’ve been off the road, which means I’ve had more time over the last year to dig into boxes and process duplicates,” he reports. “In my opinion, this is the best assortment so far, not only in terms of quality but also variety. Literally every genre is covered nicely, including many lesser-seen items procured on my travels around the world.”

You might be wondering…will he be bringing around the same batch of records that didn’t sell last year? “NEVER,” says Shadow. “Everything I’m bringing is fresh stock and new to the sale.” You may also be curious…how many of these storage sales could he really do, anyway? Won’t he run out of stuff to process? Somewhat reluctantly, Shadow offers, “Naw…there’s probably more for me to get to than I’ll be able to in my lifetime. I overbought for decades, and still do to some extent. But these sales really do help unclog the aisles.”

“I like to keep it moving,” Shadow continues. “I keep the number of copies that I feel is needed for my collecting and DJ purposes, and then I’m happy to let the duplicates go. If it means that the music will have a new life in the hands of someone else, then all the better.”

As with past sales, there’s a wide spread of formats on offer, including (primarily sealed) CD’s and cassettes. Price points on records range from $3 and up, with an effort to price below established online value…”So that dealers have a margin,” says Shadow. “The idea is to cater to everyone, from the casual fan on a budget, to the brick-and-mortar shop owners, on up to the grail hunters. I want even the most sophisticated collector to be like, ‘Uh, I’ve never seen half of this stuff before.'”

Did we mention the EXCLUSIVE 7″ yet? Shadow and Mass Appeal Records prepared a limited-edition vinyl 45 of his banger with Nas, “Systematic,” which features the sought-after instrumental version on the flip. Only 250 copies were made, and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the sale.

So come out and meet DJ Shadow at his 3rd Annual Storage Sale, you won’t be disappointed!

Photos: “Systematic” 45; DJ Shadow & Madlib at Rappcats, 2016, and a few of the selections for 2018: Rock rarities to suit all price points; Obscurities from all corners of the globe are represented; tons of soul & jazz classics in top condition.


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