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DJ Muggs – Holy Ghost (Music + Wine) – Savor the Secrets

Uncategorized — April 30, 2021 | Comments Off on DJ Muggs – Holy Ghost (Music + Wine) – Savor the Secrets

DJ Muggs presents a one-of-a-kind creation from his expanding Soul Assassins discography: Holy Ghost is a music and wine release. The records handcrafted lathe cuts, each record released with a bottle of Holy Ghost Wine.


Madlib Sound Ancestors: T-shirts & Hoodies

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We have a collection of T-shirts & Hoodies for Madlib’s Sound Ancestors album: two tees & two hoodies called ANCESTORS and a LIMITED DROP of another two tees & two hoodies called SOUNDWAVES. Click the images below … (more…)

MORGEN (1969) reissued by Now-Again Reserve

Now-Again, Uncategorized — February 4, 2021 | Comments Off on MORGEN (1969) reissued by Now-Again Reserve

Morgen’s self-titled 1969 album is the sole release by the NYC band led by songwriter/vocalist Steve Morgen. Now-Again Reserve’s edition, pairing the album with previously-unreleased songs, alternate takes on 2LPs is the definitive reissue. A 3rd bonus LP with instrumentals is available to Now-Again Reserve subscribers.


Rappcats Digital Subscription

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We’ve had our own digital subscription service for about two years now, delivering high quality downloads (WAV & MP3) of every record we’ve featured for release on the store. That includes all of the Madlib Invazion and Now-Again Records catalog, and an ongoing series of one-off releases from our partners such as Doug Hammond’s Idibib Records and Gene Perla’s PM Records.

Subscribe now to begin a one month free trial and receive our latest three releases. After the one month trial ends you will receive each release as they become available for $10/month. For the months of April-May 2020 use the coupon code COVIDISCOUNT to get the first two month of this digital subscription at $5/month.

Bubbha Thomas (1937-2020)

Uncategorized — March 29, 2020 | Comments Off on Bubbha Thomas (1937-2020)

by Eothen “Egon” Alapatt, with additional text edited from an essay by Lance Scott Walker.

Drummer, bandleader and activist William George “Bubbha” Thomas died at his son William’s home on Saturday March 28th, 2020. He was 82 years old. His son said that the cause was heart failure; Thomas had been in failing health for some time and hadn’t played his drums in years. But his mind was sharp until the end, and he was surrounded by music. William said that Bubbha passed on while listening to “All In Love Is Fair” from the fourth album in his classic period, Country Fried Chicken (Spotify), streaming on the internet. Yesterday was a sad day for me, but that moment gave me a feeling of peace: some years prior, Bubbha had called me, deep into our friend-and mentorship and business relationship, and told me that he wasn’t getting younger, and he wanted all of his music available, for all to hear –  and fast. I had held off on that commitment for years, as I knew how daunting of a task it was going to be. But I’m glad, on that day, that I said yes. The resulting box set, which I worked with Bubbha to issue as Creative Music: The Complete Works, came out in full last year, and coincided with the wide release of his catalog, which is of the highest echelon of jazz music. (more…)