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Madlib & crew, San Francisco, 2/22/18

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Pics by Nicola Antonazzo (more…)

Vinyl release of Madlib Medicine Show – Flight to Brazil

Madlib — January 5, 2018 | Comments (0)


Madlib Medicine Show is a series by Madlib that included original productions (hip-hop, electronic, jazz) and DJ mixtape (Brazilian, Jazz, Dub, Hip-Hop). Only Madlib’s own productions were released on vinyl, but here – in partnership with Vinyl Me Please and Madlib Invazion – is a limited vinyl pressing of Madlib’s Flight to Brazil mix, an 80-minute guided tour through three decades of Brazilian funk, psychedelic, prog-rock and jazz.

This is a 2 LP set in a chipboard sleeve, with artwork by Gustavo Eandi, made exclusively for Vinyl Me Please and Rappcats. VMP’s copies are already sold out.

110 proof

Madlib — September 1, 2017 | Comments (0)

Beat Konducta on Tour

Madlib — August 24, 2017 | Comments (0)

Italian music blogger Rappamelo, apparently impatient for a new Beat Konducta album, created his own series of DJ mixtapes, with covers depicting Madlib traveling through Italy. Here’s “Beat Konducta in Lecce,” and “Beat Konducta in Alberobello.” (more…)

Madvillain – Blunted on Beats – Wax Poetics #8, 2004

Madlib, MF DOOM — July 10, 2017 | Comments (0)

This is a portion of the Madvillain interview conducted by Eothen Alapatt for Wax Poetics #8, just as Madvillainy was on its way out, with an introduction by Wax Poetics editor Brian DiGenti. The interview and photos were done at the Stones Throw house in Los Angeles, where much of the album was recorded. Photos by B+. For the entire article, grab Wax Poetics #8 if you can find it, or check

In a moment of clarity, Jay-Z might wanna rhyme like Common Sense, but nobody, even with generous charity, can rhyme quite like wordplayer MF DOOM, né Zev Love X. Like Nas and “Live at the BBQ,” every great MC has a celebrated debut, and Zev Love represents on 3rd Bass’s “The Gas Face,” 1989. (more…)