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Willie Bobo — Broasted or Fried 7″

Percussionist Willie Bobo’s latin-jazz is the stuff of rare-groove legend. Countless tracks that the maestro created or touched during his late 60s, early 70s heyday were hallmarks of that scene. And Bobo could funk with the best of them. His most sought after album, Willie Bobo and The Bogents’ Do What You Want To Do, released on the Sussex label, always held its weight with DJs, collectors and those conscious enough to realize its infectious grooves were worth the $100 price-of-admission.

Willie Bobo’s son, Eric Bobo teamed up with producer Mario C. to sort through piles of his father’s reel to reel tapes. The result? Hours of unreleased recordings from Willie Bobo’s heyday – including alternate takes of “Broasted or Fried” and “Soul Foo Young.” These versions – recorded as Willie Bobo was sorting through demos for his Sussex LP in the early 70s – swing differently – perhaps heavier – than their previously released counterparts.  The mix downs – tastefully blessed and mastered by Mario C. from the original multitrack tapes – hit harder, and present these tunes anew.

01. Broasted or Fried
Willie Bobo
02. Soul Foo Young
Willie Bobo