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Various — Take Me 12″

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Various — Take Me 12″

The Fabulous Souls, lead by songwriter/arranger/vocalist Ira Raibon released two versions of their superb “Take Me” – one version out of Los Angeles, one version out of Indianapolis. This quandary stumped most archivists who attempted to suss out the connection between the two distant funk meccas, and the discovery of the Indianpolis version’s master tapes amongst the LAMP record label’s archives only complicated the matter.

Raibon, found recently in Southern California, straightened everything out (they were a touring band, it turns out, eager to record and release records wherever they landed), and licensed their tunes to Now-Again for proper release.  This 12” contains “Take Me” in its original form alongside bonus beats of the track’s heavy breakdown. Included as a bonus is another exclusive LAMP track – the previously unreleased instrumental version of The Vanguards’ “The Thought Of Losing Your Love.” No, the Souls didn’t record this version of the song (that would be the Ebony Rhythm Band), but they did record other records with the group during their stint in Indiana.

01. Take Me
Fabulous Souls
02. Take Me (Bonus Beats)
Fabulous Souls
03. The Thought of Losing Your Love
Ebony Rhythm Band