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Mixtape: Egon on NTS Radio, May 3, 2016.

Egon — May 3, 2016 | Comments (0)

Egon is hosting a one month residency on NTS Radio – four (maybe five?) two hour shows of music from around the globe. Here’s an hour of the first show.

3:33 Rob Thomsett Entrance to Warrambool (Part I and II)
4:04 The Cyrkle Nicole
8:59 Eric Burdon Winds Of Change / Poem By The Sea
5:01 Mighty Ryeders Help Us Spead the Message
3:56 Ray Alexander Technique Special One
2:11 Dusko Goykovich Macedonian Fertility Dance
4:42 Dusko Goykovich Balkan Blue Modal Jazz
7:04 Sons & Daughters Of Lite A Real Thing
5:18 Southern University Jazz Ensemble Clean Air
2:52 Jose Pirates Imbarobo
3:26 Baden Powell Sarava
2:44 Orlann Divo Beleza No Vai Embora
4:03 Peter Lemer and Asilah 80 Invocation
8:38 Lightmen Plus One On The Road Home (Mono version)
3:09 Annexus Quam
3:18 Trubrot Eg Veit Ao Pukemur
2:25 Joao Bosco Quem Sera
2:11 Waltel Branco Tema De Abertura
2:48 Groep 1850 Friday I’m Free / Hunger
3:03 Illes Zenekar Mejez Az Ut
2:41 Träd Gräs Och Stenar Sanningens Silverflod
5:38 Steve Reid Lions of Judah
3:08 izvir Vibrolux
7:27 NO INFO
3:44 Erasmo Carlos E Presciso Dar Um Jeito Meu Amigo
3:31 Round Trip Ticket Captain Purple Rides Again (Down By The River)
4:02 Girma Beyene Ene Negne By Manesh
4:58 Totem
3:28 Manu Dibango Liberations Song
3:34 Odmenn It Takes Love


Egon — July 22, 2014 | Comments (6)

This is a mix of late 60s to mid 70s rock music from all over the world: America to Germany to Japan and everywhere in-between. It’s the type of rock Madlib used for the Rock Konducta records, and is a mixture of the incredibly rare and random dollar bin finds that makes crate digging in the rock idiom so much fun. A lot of this is underground – one example was literally recorded by Dusseldorf twenty-somethings in a bomb-shelter, a literally exorcising of Nazi demons through Krautrock – and some of it is from bands that had pop aspirations but recorded something heavy and probably a bit odd as the one-off awesome track on an otherwise forgettable album. Live mix using 2 CDJs, no edits, some mistakes, that’s the way it goes. Shout outs to Twink, Bunker Records, Franz Wippel, any band that spells April with a “y” instead of an “i,” state-run labels from former communist countries who had the nerve to get down with hard psych and Madlib, of course, for finding the funk in all of this.

Boiler Room Collections: EGON

Egon — June 27, 2014 | Comments (6)

Boiler Room set up shop in Egon’s office in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA as he digs through his own collection, playing a few records.

This is currently streaming at and the archived video is embedded above.

Eothen “Egon” Alapatt runs Now-Again Records, he’s one of the Rappcats crew, and the former general manager at Stones Throw (2000-2010). Also check out Boiler Room’s editorial piece about the day the session was filmed: “We had the great pleasure of being let into the Now-Again Records office this month. Long before Collections was a concept, but very shortly after Egon impromptu opened for Madlib at our San Francisco show with heavy psych gems, we had the irrepressible urge to trawl through his records. Timing saw us pushing this one back quite a bit, so when the cohesive idea of Collections was introduced we eagerly re-approached the idea. We’ve of course picked up snippets here and there through the label itself as well as via his Funk Archaeology series, but nothing beat us seeing – strike that, hearing – for ourselves.”

Damon – Song of a Gypsy

Egon, Now-Again — June 11, 2014 | Comments (0)

Sixteen Things We Know About Damon is a short film by Andrew Gura: a voice and music driven story that uses animated archival stills, stock footage and typography, lo-fi textures, left-field sound design to tell the nearly impossible backstory behind Damon’s Song of a Gypsy


Damon’s Song of a Gypsy, underground psychedelic rock from the late 60s – reissued album from Now-Again Records

Damon’s Song of a Gypsy is regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records ever made. It has, for over twenty years, been one of the most sought after late 60s rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars. Bad bootlegs and scrappy reissues have spread the music a little but left Damon’s story untouched, leaving Song of a Gypsy high on its own plateau: out of reach and indescribable.

This edition investigates Song of a Gypsy’s seemingly impossible story – one that encapsulates the last bloom of the flower power movement before it decayed into the haze of the

Egon Mixtape on Gilles Peterson Worldwide

Egon — May 22, 2014 | Comments (1)

Egon recently visited Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood to offload some of his music knowledge with a mix and interview for Gilles’ syndicated Worldwide radio show.

On the web:

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

Egon — April 16, 2014 | Comments (1)

Now shippingDust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

By Eilon Paz, chronicles 130 vinyl record collectors and their stacks.

Photographer Eilon Paz began “Dust & Grooves” as a pet project – Paz would photograph a collector and post shots to a blog. After five years of shooting and meeting serious record collectors around the world, Paz parlayed the project into an outstanding book with quality photos, design, and printing standards. More details.

Random: March 3rd

Egon, Madlib, Now-Again — March 3, 2014 | Comments (0)

Madlib in Japan with Now-Again and a couple from Black Wax Digger.

Beat Konducta in Paris – photos by Edwige Hamben

Egon, Madlib — November 14, 2013 | Comments (65)

Updated | Madlib did a surprise show in Paris last week at Mellow Bar with Egon and Blackjoy. We announced it here just a few hours ahead of time. A bunch of people made it in and had a good time, while others didn’t make it in and left us messages not fit for publication. Big thanks to Edwige Hamben for the photos.

Last night in London…

Egon, Madlib, MF DOOM — November 5, 2013 | Comments (6)

Last night we announced a last-minute Madlib show in London at Dance Tunnel.

With support from One Handed Music’s Paul White, Mr Beatnick, Radio 1?s Benji B, and Now-Again’s Egon, an hour before the doors opened the queue stretched half-way down Kingsland Road. Those who did get in were treated by two impressive special guests: Madlib collaborator MF DOOM, and another collaborator of yet-to-be-released works, Mos Def. (Sorry. We’re suppose to call him Yasiin Bey.)

You can watch a Vine of Mos Def spitting over Madlib below, courtesy of Mr. Beatnick. Thanks also to Fact Mag for shouting out the show.

Funk Archaeology: Digging Down Under

Egon — June 11, 2013 | Comments (1)

Egon’s column Funk Archaeology has picked up again at The series begins again with a collection of prog rock dug up in Australia while on tour with Madlib & J Rocc.

I was looking forward to a four-city Australia tour with Madlib and J.Rocc last October. I’d never been, and the opportunity to get paid to DJ – and to visit the country’s four main cities alongside record-collecting pals – seemed like the perfect way to spend a week. Of course, there would be the requisite exercise in the restrained hedonism of good food and good drink. And I’d thoroughly schooled myself beforehand: knowing that one of the new world’s finest old-world style wines hailed from South Australia – Penfolds Grange, a Rhone-styled wine made primarily from Australia’s favorite grape, shiraz – I was looking forward to exploring off-the-beaten-path Aussie wines, and I figured that at least Madlib would be up for the challenge. So we allowed our wine rider – possibly the most complex two pages in a five-page document – to be altered to focus on the local juice.

So imagine my surprise when I found J.Rocc – not the most easily impressed by the wines found backstage on a Madlib Medicine Tour stop – enjoying a glass or two. And imagine my chagrin to find that both he and Madlib, my stalwart digging partner, laughed me away when I told them of my plans to spend my off-hours finding the great records that I was sure Australia would offer. It started shortly after we landed, during a bleary-eyed brunch at a smart-looking downtown Brisbane caf

Egon in Dust & Grooves

Egon — May 18, 2013 | Comments (1)

Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves travels around the world meeting and photographing record collectors and their collection. A Dust & Grooves book is in the works, and the website is going strong. Paz met up with Egon recently, and has published an extensive interview and a streamable mix highlighting selections from his collection – excerpt below. See, read, listen to the full feature at Dust & Grooves

Q: What was your first album? How did you get it? At what age? Can you describe that feeling?
A: My first album – i.e. album that I went out and purchased on my own – was either George Harrison “Cloud Nine,” Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill,” The Police “Synchronicity,” or DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper.” But I remember singles – “Wipeout” by the Fat Boys; “Mony Mony” by Billy Idol; “Pump Up The Volume” by MARRS. I remember, back then, as I do now, I felt overwhelmed by one aspect of each of those records – as corny as most of them are – and I remember listening to specific songs over, and over, and over again. The first 12” single that I remember searching out was “Mr. Scarface.” That was on MLK Day, 1991. I remember the day as Metro North ran this “free train fare from New Haven to Manhattan” special, and I convinced my Dad to take me from Manhattan to Brooklyn to seek out that 12” at a store I’d found that stocked it. I also got him to take me to Spike Lee’s store where I dutifully bought a Malcom X hat and did my bit to market his forthcoming movie.

Q: Tell me how your passion for vinyl has affected your professional life.
A: I got my job at Stones Throw due to my record collecting – it’s how I met up with Peanut Butter Wolf, how I impressed him (well, partially how I impressed him) into giving me a job, it’s how I befriended Madlib, DOOM and Dilla (initially) and how I was able to start Now-Again. It made everything possible for me, and I never forget that – which is why I never, ever, stop looking for new (old) records. I’m very conscious of this passion of mine which has given me everything that I’ve ever wanted.

Full article with photos & mixtape at:

Devils and 45s on tour in Japan

Egon, Madlib — February 18, 2013 | Comments (4)

Here’s what it’s like when two DJs go on tour in Japan. One of the DJs is Madlib, playing three shows in Japan, and three more in China. The other is Egon, who plays the Tokyo show, and shot the photos.

For those about to rock, we condemn you

Egon — April 7, 2010 | Comments (1)

Below is an email exchange between Eothen “Egon” Alapatt and composer Lloyd Miller. Egon’s request to include Mr. Miller’s “Gol E Gandom” for a compilation on Now-Again Records was denied, but we were so impressed with his critique of pop culture, we asked his permission to publish the emails (unedited).