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BBNG — March 20, 2013 | Comments (5)

Bad Bad Not Good (BBNG) is three guys from Toronto who first caught our attention years ago with a live interpretation of Madvillain & Doom’s “Supervillain Theme”, “Fazers” and “Vomitspit”. These days, they’re signed to Innovative Leisure and have just released their first 12-inch: “Flashing Lights” b/w “UMW” music on one side, an etching on the other.

On paper, they’re a jazz trio. In actual practice, they’re musicians who do whatever it takes, imaginative electronic beat makers.

Their album BBNG2 is available below – includes a digital booklet of photos, hi-res album art and liner notes.

Download: BBNG2 (MP3) | BBNG on Bandcamp | BBNG on Tumblr

J Dilla's Vinyl Collection on Crate Diggers

The latest episode of Fuse TV’s series Crate Diggers is all about J Dilla – with J Rocc and DJ Spinna in a Detroit storage locker looking through Dilla’s vinyl. Among the records, we also get a glimpse of a mask used for Dilla’s treatment in Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles – a mask that Dilla hoped to wear for a cover photo of The Shining.

Ma Dukes, Amp Fiddler, House Shoes are interviewed, as well as the owner of a record store frequented by Dilla. Many of the photos in the video, including the one of Madlib & J Dilla in a record store, were shot by B+.