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MF DOOM — December 21, 2012 | Comments (13)

EXCLUSIVE | | Artwork by Kristian Hammerstad via Frank151 DOOM Book. Lyrics below.

In Lak’ech Planetary K’in
Red overtone dragon make your barathary spin
In the flesh with a band of merry men
Innocent civilians hari-kiri over yen
Is it the end or for pretend?
I can neither condemn, nor defend
Cats, that’s more pussy than a sanitary napkin bin
Villain ran a scam on his imaginary rapping friend
Again, shame on us
We in the same game, put the blame on Gus
Study til your brain vomit
Just don’t be out getting money when it rain comets
Armpits of funk, a bomb in the hunk a junk trunk
Metal palm on your ma’s badunkadunk
In a park in a rave under three days of darkness
Tell a hater behave and spark this
With the fresh banana berry blend
Counting mad tens ’til when January begin
The other hand clutched to a pen, 24/7 much to his chagrin
Used to drink gin, now he only drink oxygen water
Mixed with salt, things that cleanse the toxins sorta
And if they ever come get me
We were sippin rum on a number one jitney
I can neither confirm nor deny
On account of the sherm all high
Villain make