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The Madlib Remixes 1997-2007 (J Rocc Mixtape)

Madlib — November 26, 2012 | Comments (6)

J.Rocc put this one together, collecting ten years of Madlib’s remixes. Many of these were released by the artists on singles, others were made for Madlib’s own use and are still unreleased. This was originally released as Stones Throw Podcast #21, and it’s posted here again after a special request from Rappamelo. Photo by B+

Direct MP3 Download: The Madlib Remixes 1997-2007 (J Rocc Mixtape)

0:10 PB Wolf – Definition Of Ill (Single, Stones Throw)
2:04 Foreign Legion – Nowhere To Hide (Single)
3:28 Zion I – Critical (Single)
4:40 Charizma – My World Premiere (Madlib Remixes Vol. 1)
5:50 Prozack – Bang It (Death Taxes & Prozack CD)
6:40 Que D – Cash Flow
7:30 Common – The Sun God
8:30 Madvillain – Money Folder (Single, Stones Throw)
9:45 Lootpack – Long Awaited – Stones Throw
11:15 Mos Def
12:20 A.G. – Take A Ride
14:00 Jaylib – Strapped (Champion Sound Remixes, Stones Throw)
15:10 Jay Z – Threat (Mind Fusion Vol. 4)
16:40 Defari – Say It Twice
18:10 Doggy Style All Stars – Tell It Like It Is (Snoop’s Verse) (Unreleased)
18:50 Kurupt – Ride Wit Us (Madlib Remixes Vol. 2)
19:50 Jadakiss – Put Ya Hands Up (Madlib Remixes Vol. 2)
20:50 Mr. Cheeks – Lights Camera Action
22:00 J Dilla – Reckless Driving
23:40 Interlude
24:00 Madvillain – Rainbows (Stones Throw)
24:50 Madvillain – One Beer (Stones Throw)
27:18 Jazzanova – L.O.V.E. and You and I (Jazzanova Remixed CD)
34:00 Zero 7 – Distractions (Simple Things Remixes CD)
36:40 Bilal – Soul Sista (Single)
39:45 Common – 8 Minutes To Sunrise
41:00 Lootpack – Frenz V Endz
43:30 Nas – Revolutionary/get Down (Mind Fusion Vol. 4)
45:40 Interlude
46:50 Nas – Get Down
48:20 J Dilla – Let’s Take A Ride

Madlib Medicine Show: The Aftermath

Madlib Medicine Show, Rappcats — November 9, 2012 | Comments (5)

Madlib Invazion is producer Madlib’s proprietary independent record label. He incorporated the imprint in late 2009 to release his Madlib Medicine Show musical series. The idea was simple but challenging: release one album a month, for one year. With no preconceived notion as to what the series might become, Madlib would eventually create thirteen albums (now packaged as The Brick) and several other limited-edition vinyl releases. He has since produced shows worldwide under the Madlib Medicine Show banner and develops each of his projects under Madlib Invazion.

The Madlib Medicine Show experiment opened the doors for the producer’s collaboration with the rapper Freddie Gibbs, with whom Madlib has produced the acclaimed Thuggin’ and Shame EPs. An album nearing completion is scheduled for release on Madlib Invazion in 2013.

Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, J Rocc and Egon, have recently wrapped up 2012’s Madlib Medicine Show dates in the US, Europe, Russia and Australia, one of which is hazily captured in in this video by Mochilla’s Eric Coleman. While in Europe, he completed a photo shoot and interview for a cover feature in France’s acclaimed Modzik magazine which will hit news stands this month. Among other projects, a Quasimoto retrospective is in the works for Stones Throw. And while this video is titled “The Aftermath,” Madlib has already hinted at “more medicine.”

Upcoming: Madlib, Del the Funky Homosapien in Denver, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Dec. 21, 2012