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Guilty Simpson – Stress (produced by J Dilla)

J Dilla — May 18, 2009 | Comments (28)

“Stress” – a track from Guilty Simpson’s unfinished album with J Dilla.

“I recorded quite a few track a few tracks with Dilla when he was alive and quite a few cuts that have yet to be found since his passing that I would have loved to put out, but they’ve yet to be found.” – Guilty Simpson

Man’s World (released on white label 12-inch)
Clap Ya Hands (released on Stones Throw’s Chrome Children LP)
Make It Fast (released on Stones Throw’s B-Ball Zombie War LP)
I Must Love You (released on Guilty’s Ode to the Ghetto LP)
Stress (white label 12-inch)
Baby (released on J Dilla’s The Shining LP)
Take Notice (released on J Dilla’s Ruff Draft LP re-issue)
Life Goes By (released on Madlib’s Madlib Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict LP)

Madlib Mind Fusion

Madlib, Mind Fusion — May 5, 2009 | Comments (71)

Madlib’s Mind Fusion series has picked up where he left off years ago with Madlib Mind Fusion: African Earwax. The entire series is now streaming online.

Madlib’s five-volume mixtape series, Mind Fusion, was released 2004-2007. These CD releases bare no label or address, just the name “Madlib” designed like the Tamla Records logo. Each of these were made for various tours or informal events. Aside from a small repressing of Vols 1 & 2, none were repressed. None are commercially available.

Vol 1 and Vol 4 contain production from Madlib. Vol 2 is a jazz mix. Vol 3 and Vol 5 are mixes of records from around the world. Each mix has a minimal or incomplete track list and a descriptive subtitle.

Audio & Photos for each mix:

Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 1: Hip-Hop
Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 2: Jazz, Funk, Soul
Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 3: Dirty Crates from the Bottom
Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 4: Hip-Hop Remixes, Nas Vs. Jay Z, & CDP Archives
Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 5: Dirty Crates from Around the World
Madlib – Mind Fusion: African Earwax

Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 1

Mind Fusion Vol. 1: Hip-Hop. 26 tracks. Various production and remixes by Madlib. Published track list has incorrect/unofficial track names. One pressing has no track ID’s, the other one has 26 track ID’s. Track list below.

The series: Madlib Mind Fusion

Track List:

1. Madlib – Mind Fusions (Intro)
2. Lootpack (Wildchild, Declaime, MED) – All Night
3. Aim – The Omen (Madlib Remix)
4. Common – I Got A Right Ta (Madlib Remix)
5. Madvillain – Money Folder (12-inch Remix)
6. MED – Never Saw It Coming, from Push Comes to Shove
7. Madlib – Galt Suite No. 7
8. Method Man – Uh Huh (Madlib Remix)
9. M.O.P. – Stomp The Shit Out You (Madlib Remix)
10. Madlib – Steal This Beat (Instrumental)
11. Dudley Perkins – Yo’ Soul from A Lil’ Light
12. Quasimoto – Hydrant Game, from The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
13. Diverse – Ain’t Right
14. Outsidaz – Who You Be? (Madlib Remix)
15. Madvillain & Jaylib – Beer Games
16. Wildchild – Feel It, from Secondary Protocol
17. Madlib – The Payback (Gotta), from Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
18. Oh No – WTF feat. Wildchild (Madlib Remix)
19. Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (Remix #2)
20. Kazi – Keeps It Krisp
21. MED – Now U Know, from Push Comes to Shove
22. (Madlib Remix)
23. Charizma – Home Turf (Madlib Remix)
24. Madlib – Offbeat (Groove), from Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
25. Oh No – Right Now
26. Duck Sex (Outro)

All tracks produced by Madlib

The series: Madlib Mind Fusion

Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 2

Mind Fusion Vol. 2: Jazz, Funk, Soul. Track list below. The series: Madlib Mind Fusion

Track 1

0:00 – Nat Adderley “Song of the Valdez Diamond” from Double Exposure (Prestige, 1975)
0:30 – Brian Auger “Beginning Again” from Straight Ahead (RCA Victor, 1974)
2:51 – Johnny Hammond “Back To The Projects” from Gambler’s Life (Salvation Records, 1974)
5:31 – Cesar Mariano and Cia “Metropole” from S

Madlib – Mind Fusion Vol. 3

Mind Fusion Vol. 3: Dirty Crates from the Bottom. Funk, Soul, Jazz, Psychedelic, Rock, Hip-Hop Instrumentals, Reggae (Dub) and Abstract. Compiled & mixed by Madlib for Madlib Invazion at the Loopdigga’s Hideaway. Additional mixtown by Tascam Villain. Track list below.

The series: Madlib Mind Fusion

Track 1

0:00 – ?
1:08 – ?
2:37 – Lloyd McNeill "Home Rule" from Washington Suite (1970)
3:36 – Airto Moreira "Xibaba" from Natural Feelings (1970)

Track 2

0:00 – Marcio Montarroyos "The Greeting" from Stone Alliance (1977)
1:42 – Mansa Musa “Beat The Drum” from Jeff Recordings
3:37 – Karma "Kwanzaa" from Celebration (1976)

Track 3

0:00 – ?
0:49 – The Brass Company "Spanish Dancer" from Colors (1975)
2:47 – Sun Ra "China Gates" from The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra (1961)
4:10 – Jards Macal