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Lord Inamel — February 27, 2009 | Comments (9)

Trying to find some Youtube footage of Lord Inamel on Bill O’Reilly from last night. We’ll post it of we get it. Best quote: “Man, I’m just trying to bring about awareness and dialogue to all haters.”-Inamel

Dil's Beat Shop

J Dilla, J.Rocc — February 22, 2009 | Comments (15)

Dil’s Beat Shop (mp3)

From J Rocc:

Half of this mix is on The Ma Dukes Collection. This is that mix with a 2nd half added. (There is a 3rd and 4th half.) If you know these records, don’t call it out. I don’t like doing these type of mixes because I’ve seen artist get popped because of these type of mixes. Not everyone can afford to clear some of these loops ….. thank you.

Obey Dilla

J Dilla — February 7, 2009 | Comments (0)

Obey x J Dilla. 400 prints created Feb. 2009 in collaboration with B+ who shot the original photograph in Dilla’s Detroit studio in 2003 for the Jaylib album.